SUP White Water and River Surfing Lessons On The Potomac

Greg Miller SUP surfing on the Potomac River

Stand up paddleboarding in white water and river surfing on the Potomac River near Washington, DC is exploding, with more stand up paddlers on the river now than ever before, and Paddlestroke SUP was there since day one. We have surfed countless hours at all of the popular spots like Maryland Chute, Virginia Chute, Rocky Island, Offut Wave, and O-Deck, and we know a few secret spots, as well!

White Water stand up paddleboarding and river surfing is crazy fun and a great way to stay in top shape and get a surf experience without traveling all the way to the ocean. It’s important to get started with a great instructor who can show you where to put in, how to get to river rapids and surfing spots safely, how to catch waves, and what to do in case of an emergency. If you want to get started stand up paddling in the most fun part of the Potomac River, the best way is to get a qualified, experienced, responsible instructor who can show you what you need to know in order to have a safe and SUPER fun time!

Safe and Supportive Instruction

Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively safe sport, but it’s important to get started with the right instruction and learn from a safety-conscious, experienced guide and teacher. Greg Miller was one of the first Level 3 River SUP Certified Instructors in the world certified by the American Canoe Association. He has also started and developed some of the other top stand up paddle programs in the Washington, DC area. If you book your first stand up paddle lesson, make sure to do it with someone who has a lot of experience and can give you the best time possible.

Professional-level Experience

Greg Miller is one of Washington, DC’s stand out SUP athletes. He is an experienced surfer and waterman, and was perhaps the first stand up paddler in the Potomac River rapids near Washington, DC. He is a brand ambassador for Earth River Sup and has designed production stand up paddle boards for river surfing, flatwater paddling, racing, and traveling. He’s also a winning stand up paddle racer and accomplished stand up paddle surfer. You’ll be in safe, capable hands with Greg’s almost 40 years of water and paddling experience.

Book Your Lessons Online

You can book your lessons conveniently and securely using our online booking form located on our booking page. The form will walk you through registration and payment. It’s easy, simple, and secure. You can also make arrangements over the phone by calling Greg Miller at (301) 442-6864. Either way, we hope to hear from you!