Paddlestroke SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons
Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board on the Potomac River near Washington DC
Woman learning how to a paddle board
Group of friends on a Earth River SUP monster paddle board on the Potomac River in Washington DC
Greg Miller teaching stand up paddle boarding on the Potomac River near Washington DC

Learn To Stand Up Paddle Board On The Potomac River

Washington DC and Maryland's Top Stand Up Paddle Boarding School for SUP Lessons and Programs.

Discover stand up paddle boarding on the Potomac River in the Washington, DC area.  If you’re looking to learn how to stand up paddle board, Paddlestroke SUP is your best choice for stand up paddle board lessons!

We provide you with top-quality, enthusiastic, supportive instruction from the most experienced stand up paddle board pros. Your first lesson will be in a safe, calm-water environment where you’ll learn the basics—from how to use your equipment properly, to balance and paddling technique, to places to go to have the most fun. With a Paddlestroke SUP beginner lesson, you’ll have the benefit of starting out right and getting a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

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Whether you decide to stand up paddle once or make it a life-long interest, you’ll have a GREAT time! And if you ever want to progress further, we can teach you everything from how to river surf right at home on the Potomac River to how to paddle fast and prepare for races. We love what we do and we love sharing the “stoke” of stand up paddle boarding with others!

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Greg Miller SUP Instructor

The Washington DC Area’s Top Stand Up Paddle Boarding Instructor

Greg “Suggz” Miller has been a waterman for over 40 years. He is one of the first-ever River SUP Certified Instructors by the American Canoe Association. and holds a current ACA L4 River SUP certification. He started one of the first SUP programs in the Washington, DC area in 2010 and was the first stand up paddle boarder to run the whitewater on the Potomac River.

You can find Greg stand up paddle boarding on the Potomac River year round almost every day of the week. Paddlestroke SUP instructors are always on the cutting edge of quality instruction and provides the best available gear in the industry.


Whitewater SUP and River Surfing On The Potomac

Stand up paddle surfing on the Potomac River near Washington, DC is exploding, with more stand up paddlers on the river now than ever before, and Paddlestroke SUP was there since day one. We have surfed countless hours at all of the popular Potomac River waves and play spots like Maryland Chute, Virginia Chute, Rocky Island, and Offut Wave. And we know a few secret spots, as well!

Stand up paddle surfing is a ton of fun and a great way to get a surf experience without traveling all the way to the ocean.


Safe and Supportive Instruction

Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively safe sport, but it’s important to get started with the right instruction and learn from a safety-conscious, experienced guide and teacher. Greg Miller started and developed some of the other top stand up paddle programs in the Washington, DC area.

If you book your first stand up paddle lesson, make sure you do it with the outfitter who has the most experience and can give you the best time possible.


Professional-level Experience

Greg Miller was one of the first stand up paddlers to run the Potomac River rapids near Washington, DC. Greg is also part of the design team for inflatable paddle board manufacturer Earth River SUP, and his instruction program is a key test bed for new inflatable stand up paddle board designs for river surfing, flat water and whitewater paddling, racing, and traveling. You’ll be in safe, capable hands with over 40 years of water and paddling experience.

If you want to get started stand up paddling on the Potomac River, the best way is to get qualified, experienced, responsible instructors who can show you what you need to know in order to have a safe and SUPER fun time!

Paddling Blackhill SUP

Focus On The Sport

Paddlestroke SUP is the first and only premier outfitter in the Washington DC area that specializes in stand up paddle boarding, and ONLY stand up paddle boarding. We do one thing and we do it right.

If you're wanting to enhance your skills in whitewater it’s important to get started with expert instruction to show you where to put in, how to get to river surfing spots safely, how to catch waves, and how to acquire the necessary river knowledge to have a fun time every time you go out on the water.