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Paddlestroke SUP and Greg Miller are actively involved in board design, development and testing. We have a line of paddle boards through Earth River SUP, based in Bethesda, MD. These were developed through our experience on the Potomac River with paddle boarders of all skill levels and the boards we use exclusively in our teaching program. They’re the best inflatable boards that we know of for recreational paddling, touring and all-around having fun!


Want to see a board in person before you buy? Want to try one out on the water? Looking for used equipment, or a new paddle by Carbonerro paddles? Call Greg Miller at (301) 442-6864 or email and we’ll help you out!

Purchase Online

Conveniently purchase your board and have it shipped directly to you. Simply visit our partner site, Pumped Up SUP, and complete your order there! Earth River SUP boards are designed and tested by Greg Miller of Paddlestroke SUP.

Enter the code GMANSURF75 at checkout at Pumped Up SUP to get $75 off your purchase!

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